Technology has become a permanent part of our lives, most kids would rather spend time on their tablet, immensely limiting challenges to their inspiration and imagination.

Seeing that, we wanted to impact their creativity, language skills and intelligence. From here, we set off to expose children to the right content for them.

Being content creators has driven us to experiment with making educative yet exciting video productions for Arab-speaking children.
“By kids for kids” is our creative edge, and main approach to our video production, whether animations, live-action videos, or infographics.
We make sure our content is simultaneously inspired by global trends and Arabic heritage.

Writing &

Our Projects

Short episodes featuring kids talking about various Islamic heroes in their own way, aided with generated graphics that will both educate and entertain children.

Short episodes featuring kids interacting with each other over miscellaneous objects or topics to produce authentic and rather comedic reactions.

We found it essential that the content children are exposed to is aligned their parent’s values.

We also found acute lack of Arabic content which meant that children resort to watching Western production; whose values often contradict with Arab ones.

Arabic content is also either cliché, boring or inappropriate for children.

In its National Vision for 2030, Qatar has expressed a commitment to its national heritage and to “enhance Arab and Islamic values and identity” as well as a commitment to “innovation and creativity” and a desire to increase “participation in a wide variety of cultural and sports activities.”

By providing content that is both in Arabic and stays true to the customsand culture of the region, Ozone Kids provides a culturally sensitive andeducational way for Arab speaking children to engagewith innovative ideas.

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+974 4459 1660


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